Да спасим Кресненското дефиле

Legal complaint lodged to save protected Bulgarian Gorge from destructive motorway

A legal complaint submitted today to the European Commission by NGOs [1] alleges that the construction of a controversial EU-funded motorway is already breaking EU nature laws, and warns that completing the final section through Kresna Gorge nature reserve would be catastrophic for protected animals and plants in the region. [2] The complaint calls on the Commission to investigate breaches of EU law, and could result in the Bulgarian government being taken to the European Court of Justice, and hefty…

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Letter to Minister Pavlova for summoning Struma Motorway Steering Committee

On 13.05.2016 representatives of Save Kresna gorge coalition who are also members of the Struma Motorway Steering Committee (SMSC) submitted a letter to Ms Lulyana Pavlova Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. They insist that the regular 15th meeting of the Committee takes place by the end of May. The committee hasn’t convened for the last 5 months despite the two requests to its secretariat. Numerous events have happened during the period which directly correspond to the main function…

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