Да спасим Кресненското дефиле

Save Kresna Gorge – The Story Explained

This is the story of the Kresna gorge – a stunning valley, a biodiversity hotspot and a place for local agriculture and sports, such as rafting, located in the South-west of Bulgaria and threatened to be destroyed by a motorway route funded by European taxpayers. 20 years and more the threat is now imminent. Support the campaign, ask European Commission and Bulgarian government to bypass the gorge. The Bulgarian government is sticking to their damaging plans even though there is…

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Letter from Bern Convention, May 2020

Letter sent on 12th May 2020 from Krzysztof Zyman, Secretary of the Bern Convention to Valeri Georgiev, Head of Biodiversity Unit, National Nature Protection Service Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Water. Subject: Possible on-the-spot appraisal visit to Bulgaria within the framework of the Complaint No. 2001/4: Possible file: Motorway through the Kresna Gorge.

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European Commission complicit in EU nature law violations in Bulgaria’s Kresna gorge

The government is heading downhill in the Kresna Gorge with an EU funded motorway project. The European Commission watches the tragedy unfold and overlooks persisting procedural and legal flaws. This week, on 16 October, the two Bulgarian non-governmental coalitions “For The Nature” and “Save the Kresna Gorge” warned that the fate of the EU protected Kresna gorge depends on the Minister of Environment and Waters Neno Dimov not approving an inadequate assessment of the Struma Motorway project.

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