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Rafting comes from the English word “raft”, which means a raft. Also known as “whitewater rafting” because of the color of the foaming waters that descend from the river. The prototype of this sport was born in North America as early as the XVIII century when local loggers sent logs down the river to save from the cost of transportation. The beginning is officially considered the distant 1811, when is the first documented attempt to run the Snake River in Wyoming, USA. A little later, about 1840, came the rubber shelf whose fathers are considered John Fremont and Horace Day. Since they were part of the U.S. Army, their invention was necessary for war not for entertainment purposes. Only in the middle of the XX century rafting became an extreme sport and started gaining popularity. In 1972 it was included in the Olympic Games in Munich.

Рафтинг по Струма

Rafting on Struma

Rafting is a great way for mental relaxation and increased adrenaline. It is a great offer for the practice of group sports and team bonding. It gives energy and positive emotions. Rafting helps one to clear your mind of stress, meet new people and to experience a new sensation. Rafting is suitable for people of all ages.

В бързеите на Струма - едно от най-техничните трасета на Балканите

Struma river rafting


Like all outdoor activities, rafting must balance the use of nature and the conservation of rivers as a natural resource and habitat. Rafting contributes to the economy of many regions which in turn may contribute to the protection of rivers from hydroelectric power plants for electricity production. People that firsthand feel the beauty of a river, which would otherwise be indifferent to environmental issues may gain a strong desire to protect and preserve that area because of the positive experience.


Only a few years ago the sport was unknown to Bulgaria. The rafting season starts in early March and ends in November when it starts to be to cold to raft. The most preferred place for rafting in Bulgaria is the bed of the river Struma. The main course has length about 12 km , and its degree of difficulty is 2-4. It suitable for all ages.

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